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How to make a banner?
Animated Banner Creation - Free Banner Maker

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With BannerMaker.be you can create without registrations, fast and yet very flexible an animated banner or button. For free and without advertisements on your banner.

On this animation page you have the possibility to use 1 of the text animation effects available.

Default, you see 1 design with the size 468x60.
Click on “Choose/Create-Base” to choose another design or create one by yourself and the size you like.
On that base-page you can add fixed texts without limits to your banner. The base-banner you can use to add an animation with this page. If you don’t wish an animation then the base can also be the end-result.

For a faster animation you make the delay smaller.

This banner tools is designed to create banners and buttons but of course you are free to create images and animations of other sizes.

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Do you use a banner created with this page?
Please link to us.
You can do that to www.bannermaker.be or use this link-page as support for the (future) developing and use of this handy banner creator.

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